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It is our great pleasure to serve you with the highest quality food and excellent service at the best prices. On the frontier of Japanese fusion restaurants, we are proud of our unique and wonderful cuisine which is created from the finest ingredients. We promise you the freshest seafood, meat and produce. The fun & friendly atmosphere of the sushi bar and the beautiful presentation of each dish with their remarkable and distinctive flavors have made us an experience that inspires our guests to return again and again.
Hikari Sushi, hikari meaning light in Japanese, is a sushi restaurant catering to all age groups in the city of Simi Valley. With its affordable price combined with good quality foods, Hikari Sushi has gained its fame throughout the region. The Hikari Sushi will be managed by Young Jun Lee and Tae Hee Shin. Young Jun Lee is a successful restaurant owner, managing over 16 restaurants around the region of Southern California. Having worked as a master sushi chef himself, Young Jun Lee creates a new menus and concepts to all restaurants, catered each to its own regions and demographics. The partner, also a Master Sushi Chef, Tae Hee Shin will assist Young Jun Lee in providing better service and cuisines by managing the Hikari Sushi on-site. Both of their work will concentrate on improving the Hikari Sushi’s experience to a next level for customers of all age group.

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